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How To Improve the Taste Of Vegetables

delicious vegetablesLoaded with vitamins and minerals, vegetables are good for our bodies and we all know that we should include a lot of vegetables in your diet. But, there is need to nourish our appetites, taste buds and minds. And this is the reason, we tend to avoid many vegetables because of its taste and your face becomes pale when you see your mom cooking vegetables in dinner. But, if they get cooked in completely different way, will you love to try them? We always can cook vegetables taste delicious, savory, sweet, caramelized, spicy and flavorful, and then trust me, vegetables can even give a tough competition to the seasoned meat. Would you love to cook the vegetables in a new way?

1. Aromatics and Seasoning

Adding flavor to the vegetables just adds up the taste to the next level. Aromatics like shallots, onions and garlic are the best ways to make the vegetables taste yummy. Thinly sliced shallots and minced garlic are sauteed until they are browned and the smell penetrates the air, giving a cooking alert. Red pepper flakes or finely chopped chilies are added up too. Just toss the chopped vegetables in the seasoned oil well and the aromatics will surely set the taste high.

2. Try Something New

One thing we all do is to eat the same kind of vegetables for a long period of time. But, we need to change the types at intervals. Get out of the cauliflowers, cabbages etc. and try out some rarely vegetables like onion leaves, teasle gourd etc. I’m sure you will love the change.

3. Vary the Cooking Method

Take a vegetable, say, cauliflower, we can cook it in a variety of ways. Methods include steaming, sauteing, simmering, roasting, grilling, stir-frying, stewing, braising and even pickling. The taste and texture of the recipe will depend on the methods we are using to prepare the dish.

4. Make Dips and Sauces

Most of us like to have the veggies dipped in flavored sauces. Don’t forget to use it as just a sauce and don’t make it the main dish. That’s a common mistake we all generally do it. Try out a few sauces at your home and serve with the cooked veggies.

5. Go Raw

This is my favorite one. Yes, go raw. Sometimes, try to cook in a subtle way. Keep them raw as much as possible to get the natural flavor. This is healthy as well as uses a very less number of spices to taste yummy. Just put in the oil of the pan and season the spices with the boiled spices.