The Advantages of Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

artificial Christmas treeWhether you have a real or fake Christmas tree is something that most people feel very strongly about. It is usually something that comes with many years of nostalgia from their childhood. And depending on whether they liked it or not, there are usually strong feelings about it. There are a few reasons why faux Christmas trees have their advantages:

Fire Retardant

The first and foremost reason that it would be better to buy a fake Christmas tree is that they are safer to have in a family home. Each one has been coated with a strong fire retardant material that is soaked into the bristles. Real Christmas trees become brittle as they dry out and become more likely to cause fires, particularly when people forget to water them.

Price Difference

By comparison, the fake Christmas tree is far more budget friendly than a real Christmas tree. Fake Christmas trees can be reused every year and stand up over the test of time. Very little damage is caused by extended use, making them a good investment.

Know What to Expect

When you have a fake tree you will be able to plan ahead and predict how many of each different ornament that it will be able to hold. That way when you change the overall design and look of how you style your Christmas tree, you will know how much to buy. With a real Christmas tree, it can be highly unpredictable when they grow in nature in an un-uniform way.

Make it Your Way

Fake Christmas trees can add greater appeal to any given home. They can be purchased in a wide array of sizes and colors that will help it work in any environment. Whether you live in an apartment or large home, you can find a size that works for you.

Taking Care

Real Christmas trees need continued care. They will need to be watered daily and dead bristles will need to be removed and the ones that fall should be swept up. They can be hazardous if you have pets in the home, because they tend to eat them.

The Real Tree Advantage

The one advantage that real trees have over fake ones is the unique pine smell that they offer. It can be a smell of nostalgia for some that grew up with real Christmas trees in their homes during their childhood. Some people like the smell, others do not. Fortunately, there are many pine scented candles on the market that can be purchased for a very reasonable price point. But the smell can also be an irritant for people with allergies.

As you can see, there are many advantages of fake trees over real trees. Once you have invested the time and extra money it takes to get a real tree, you will understand why they are not as great as they seem. And the money that you will save, can be spent on more gifts for the children.